Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Birthday and perfect timing to make changes

September 9, 2013

I turned 44 today I think and have made a decision that today is a first and last day for many things and that if I don't make some changes now, they may never happen.  I am tired of being fat, wearing a size 20 pants and not liking the physical appearance of my body.
I am going to chronicle my attempt and eventual success at losing 80 pounds in 365 days.  I want to be in a healthy BMI and not have the "O" word in my medical records anymore.  A healthy BMI is 19-24 and I think that 80 lbs will get me into that range. I have not come up with written down smaller goals yet or a reward for the end.  I will work on those and bring them here to share.
Yesterday at my plasma donation I weighed 221.  That is with clothes on and flip flops, cell phone in pocket (I-phone 4), eating a light breakfast and a full sized V8.  At home with minimal clothing I am registering about 210-212.
Brianna moved the Pilates machine upstairs in front of my mirrored closet.  I am drinking my last soda today, caffeinated and fully sugared.  I will try not to have diet sodas in the future either.  I will allow myself carbonated water to add in my crystal light and other low cal options.
I have started taking photos today and will not be posting them until the end.  As progress occurs I will post photos and at the end I would like to put it all together into a time lapse sort of thing.
Eat well, no soda, get off your butt and get moving!

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