Wednesday, August 25, 2010

8-25-10 Why am I awake so early?

I have surgery today. I have thought about my past transfers and this is actually my 3rd polypectomy since about 2003. If my memory serves. : ) I am a little bit anxious about the surgery but only because if this doesn't come out easily, then our schedule for embryo transfer will have to be pushed back to October. Really, I wish that they could do this in the office with me taking a valium...though there is something to be said (I think) about the conscious sedation used for surgery but I can't remember what that is...hahaha. I am in good humor this morning. : )
The couple that I will be carrying embryo(s) for is super sweet and not as loud as me. But they are such nice people! Just amazing. It is early yet but I think that they will be great parents which is always a hope of mine. Parents can really wreck kids sometimes even without physical or emotional abuse. But that I will have to expand upon in the "dark" blog at another address, later...if I can remember. : )
Accupuncture went well. It has reinforced my need to learn meditation, quieting my mind once in a while. I read a great book called "Eat Pray Love" and that just really resonated with me. I have even been inspired to get a tatoo! Yes, me who could never think of anything that I would want permanently drawn on my body. This book is responsible for that too. The accupuncture I had planned and looked into before I ever read the book but now that I have gone and had the treatment once, I just can't wait until my appointment next month! I meditate sort of while the needles are working. The doctor says to think of a good Chinese dragon chasing away all of the bad energy (and I have ALOT!). That has seemed to work a few times since last week. I used it to try to fall asleep one night and to get my mind of things during the week. The embryo(s) will be little blue dragon eggs while I meditate for the transfer to take next month.
Now I guess that I will go work some more on the "G" book. I only have 1 week to get it done and in the mail for her birthday, the same day as my birthday.
Look for more later...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

7-11-10 "Old" Music

We were chatting at work last night, reminiscing in a way, about the old music. Music from the time in our lives when we really "grooved". Mine is music from my elementary school years: Earth Wind and Fire, Chic, Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer...I always think of them as music we would roller skate to. Not those inline skates that the kids wear now but the 4 wheelers with 2 wheels in front and 2 in back and a stopper or "brake" on the front of each. But if you were cool, you would not use the "brake" and just drag the back foot and stop that way. If you were super cool, you could do a tight spin and stop. Those were the days of short gym shorts, tube tops, and knee high tube socks. Looking back at that image, I am glad that fashion has changed a little bit, though the shorts need to still get a bit longer, no one wants to see "muffins" or camel toes. I don't care if you can physically get the zipper up, people will look whether they want to or not and that is something NO ONE wants to accidentally see.
That reminds me that I was thinking earlier how I am getting older and everything is just going to get worse. I have passed the "highlight" time of my life and now I must be resigned to not being able to be at the top of my game but to settle for whatever I can attain. That sounds like it should be in the darker blog that I have but it was what I was thinking long before the "old music" came about.
What the heck am I going to do with my life? What will the next class be? How will I pay for it? What career will I end up with? I just don't know still. I like to think that I am good with numbers, I don't want to be "the first contact" of a place, I don't want to deal with the type of people who don't "Earn their keep"!
It is good to be me because:
1. I have great hair
2. I am great at applying makeup
3. I can drive stick shift
4. I can cook
5. I can knit well
6. I am artistic
7. I can move to the beat
8. I can still touch my palms past my toes
9. I can learn new things
10. I have 4 degrees

Monday, June 7, 2010

6-7-10 New Blog

Wow! I don't even know what the date is today. I just wanted to start this new blog as an upside to my other one (available address if you send me an email).
I did get to exercise on my vacation (only 6 more days left) once. Will really try to get out there again today.
Last night I planted cat grass (seeds) for Joey and Phoebe after loosening and watering the dirt in the pots on the patio. I also planted basil seeds in one of the large pots. Hopefully that will come up quick! Felt really great to get out there and get my hands dirty. I was sweating like a pig and really got my feet filthy (no shoes) but had a good time just the same.
Will knit some more today and maybe plant additional seeds in the available pots. I know that I have sunflower seeds but not sure that the pots will be big enough for them. I always wanted a wall of sunflowers!
Haven't had the tv on yet and it is 1031. Not sleeping as much either with this heat. UGH! 90's already and last week we were barely pushing 68. No bueno!
No time like the present to turn on the a/c *sigh* and take a shower so that I can pop in a movie and finish some of the leis that I have been making for B's graduation this Saturday! 6 down and I will make more until I use up all my supplies Ü