Friday, September 27, 2013

09/27/2013 Moving like a turtle...

So, Still haven't exercised but once around the Marina (2 miles) in roughly 2 weeks.  I have been soda free though since 9/9.  I am trying to eat healthier but am not really great at logging it into the "My Fitness Pal" app.  I feel that if I have had a bad day of eating then I just don't put it in because I know that I didn't eat well and don't want to be reminded by it.  Maybe I don't want to be thinner?  Maybe I am afraid of what will come if I do get fit?
I did get a VA job though and have promised myself to get a gym membership as soon as I get my first check.  I don't have an official start date but have a physical on Monday and I am sure that I will have one shortly thereafter.
My plan for weight loss stands as this:
To lose 80 pounds/have BMI under 29/have single digit pants size by my birthday 2014.  It can be any one of those or a combination as long as one of the 3 are met.  (If one is done though then it is likely that another will be too.)
     For every time I go to the gym or go walking I get a Starbucks Venti Iced Black Tea
     For every 10 lbs lost I get a pedicure at the beauty school.
     For every 25 lbs lost I get a massage at Ralston School of Massage.
     When I have gotten under 200 pounds I get a new pair of cross trainers.
     When my goal is achieved I will get a pair of Miss Me Jeans and take a trip somewhere.

At home I weigh 212 first thing in the morning.  At Plasma today I weighed 221.6 with shoes on and clothes on and after eating breakfast.  Tomorrow I measure arms, bust, waist, hips, thighs and calculate my BMI and on the 9th of every month I will measure until my goal is achieved.

I almost purchased a soda today but stuck to my guns and didn't.  I have craved it off and on for the past several weeks.  I catch myself and have to remind myself of the goal.  Hopefully soon the cravings will stop.

I did get a new set of interchangeable knitting needles on ebay for much less than retail.  I knit for about 4 hours straight today.  They are nice and I am taking advantage of the free time that I have for the moment to get some Xmas gifts finished.  I have many to do.  I am glad though that  some people I will actually be able to buy for this year because of the new job : )

Well, until next time....

Thursday, September 12, 2013

9-12-13 Hot Flashes suck!!!!

I think that the title says it all and I really don't need to elaborate much more than that.  I walked the dog outside (short walk) and it was about 80 outside.  When I came back into the house I was sweating like a pig in the 68 degree enclosure.  I even had to break out my hand fan because I was so miserable.
In other news, my last soda was on the 9th and it is 3 days now.  I crave it but am trying really hard not to give in.  I doubt that koolaid is much better (and I don't even put in the full 1 cup of sugar).
So, I am counting the above walk officially as exercise.  It is more than I would do normally so it definitely counts.
No weigh in as of yet.  I usually get the bad news when I donate plasma 2x a week.  Tomorrow will be one of those days because I really need the $60 this week ($25+$35=$60).  So it will be a more true weight because I have to eat breakfast before I go and drink a lot of water.  Plus I will be wearing clothes and shoes.  I am curious if the soda-less days will have any impact or not.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Birthday and perfect timing to make changes

September 9, 2013

I turned 44 today I think and have made a decision that today is a first and last day for many things and that if I don't make some changes now, they may never happen.  I am tired of being fat, wearing a size 20 pants and not liking the physical appearance of my body.
I am going to chronicle my attempt and eventual success at losing 80 pounds in 365 days.  I want to be in a healthy BMI and not have the "O" word in my medical records anymore.  A healthy BMI is 19-24 and I think that 80 lbs will get me into that range. I have not come up with written down smaller goals yet or a reward for the end.  I will work on those and bring them here to share.
Yesterday at my plasma donation I weighed 221.  That is with clothes on and flip flops, cell phone in pocket (I-phone 4), eating a light breakfast and a full sized V8.  At home with minimal clothing I am registering about 210-212.
Brianna moved the Pilates machine upstairs in front of my mirrored closet.  I am drinking my last soda today, caffeinated and fully sugared.  I will try not to have diet sodas in the future either.  I will allow myself carbonated water to add in my crystal light and other low cal options.
I have started taking photos today and will not be posting them until the end.  As progress occurs I will post photos and at the end I would like to put it all together into a time lapse sort of thing.
Eat well, no soda, get off your butt and get moving!