Thursday, September 12, 2013

9-12-13 Hot Flashes suck!!!!

I think that the title says it all and I really don't need to elaborate much more than that.  I walked the dog outside (short walk) and it was about 80 outside.  When I came back into the house I was sweating like a pig in the 68 degree enclosure.  I even had to break out my hand fan because I was so miserable.
In other news, my last soda was on the 9th and it is 3 days now.  I crave it but am trying really hard not to give in.  I doubt that koolaid is much better (and I don't even put in the full 1 cup of sugar).
So, I am counting the above walk officially as exercise.  It is more than I would do normally so it definitely counts.
No weigh in as of yet.  I usually get the bad news when I donate plasma 2x a week.  Tomorrow will be one of those days because I really need the $60 this week ($25+$35=$60).  So it will be a more true weight because I have to eat breakfast before I go and drink a lot of water.  Plus I will be wearing clothes and shoes.  I am curious if the soda-less days will have any impact or not.

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