Wednesday, August 25, 2010

8-25-10 Why am I awake so early?

I have surgery today. I have thought about my past transfers and this is actually my 3rd polypectomy since about 2003. If my memory serves. : ) I am a little bit anxious about the surgery but only because if this doesn't come out easily, then our schedule for embryo transfer will have to be pushed back to October. Really, I wish that they could do this in the office with me taking a valium...though there is something to be said (I think) about the conscious sedation used for surgery but I can't remember what that is...hahaha. I am in good humor this morning. : )
The couple that I will be carrying embryo(s) for is super sweet and not as loud as me. But they are such nice people! Just amazing. It is early yet but I think that they will be great parents which is always a hope of mine. Parents can really wreck kids sometimes even without physical or emotional abuse. But that I will have to expand upon in the "dark" blog at another address, later...if I can remember. : )
Accupuncture went well. It has reinforced my need to learn meditation, quieting my mind once in a while. I read a great book called "Eat Pray Love" and that just really resonated with me. I have even been inspired to get a tatoo! Yes, me who could never think of anything that I would want permanently drawn on my body. This book is responsible for that too. The accupuncture I had planned and looked into before I ever read the book but now that I have gone and had the treatment once, I just can't wait until my appointment next month! I meditate sort of while the needles are working. The doctor says to think of a good Chinese dragon chasing away all of the bad energy (and I have ALOT!). That has seemed to work a few times since last week. I used it to try to fall asleep one night and to get my mind of things during the week. The embryo(s) will be little blue dragon eggs while I meditate for the transfer to take next month.
Now I guess that I will go work some more on the "G" book. I only have 1 week to get it done and in the mail for her birthday, the same day as my birthday.
Look for more later...

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