Monday, January 3, 2011

1-3-11 Sixteen Weeks and counting...

I am sorry that I have not written. I meant to but never got the computer time I guess.
Auntie Jenn is 16 weeks prego today. The transfer took on the first time and it is amazing. Everyone is so nice in their family! I am starting to show already. Probably since I am no first timer at this "cooking" business : ). I had to buy new bras about 2 months ago and nearly cried from the size I had to buy! I have ordered new scrub pants as mine are now just too snug around the middle. My maternity scrub tops are amazing and most of my others were baggy to begin with so they will definitely last longer than the pants. My "regular" clothes were still maternity anyway and those still work too, just wish I had a little more variety. We have had quite a few ultrasounds already and more are coming on the 18th. I will try to post one here of "Blue" as mom calls it. I have only had baby boy dreams with red ginger hair and freckles. The remodelers at baby's auntie's house are having boy dreams and mama just had a boy dream last week. Given all that, it is probably a girl....who knows yet? I found out on Christmas that I am getting a "you're having our baby" shower! How amazing is that? I nearly cried to hear that!
Tonight at work I took some prego magazines down to Marcie (the Mama) who works downstairs from me and her face just lit up as she said "You are starting to show!". She is amazing and so is dad.
Well, I will try to get to the computer more often now that I have a little energy back. So look for new posts in the near future.

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