Saturday, January 29, 2011


Baby Dylan is doing great! We are 19 and 5/7 weeks. Dr. N. says not to worry about the choriohemangioma or the low lying placenta. At this stage the low lying placenta is normal and should move up in time by 36 weeks. The choriohemangioma she says is pretty normal and most are not problematic. The perinatologist had us worked up for nothing really! Yet another thing to be angry about.
I gained 5 lbs since last month too : ( I am not sure how except I am not exercising like I probably should. I have been eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies and not much candy or soda at all. Maybe it is all baby? Nah, I couldn't have that kind of luck.
The sewing bug has bitten me but I have no place to set up the machine. I thought that taking the Wellbutrin would help with a little motivation to make the apartment not look like an episode of "future hoarders". It so has not helped in that respect. There are some cute baby patterns that I want to cut out and sew for Calleigh and Dylan but first things first.....clear off the dang table!
Two pair of booties have been knit (one is waiting for cute black buttons). A sweater is on the needles right now, and a blanket being crocheted in progress. Though the blanket is turning out to be more of an autumn or winter item. I may just put it on the Etsy site. I really need to get some things finished and on the site so that I may earn a little extra income. Money is scarce.
Until next update...

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