Monday, February 14, 2011

2-14-11 22 weeks and Kankles

I went to my brother's birthday dinner tonight. When I got home, what a not so pleasant surprise, kankles. Even though I have had them up for several hours, they are still big and puffy. Guess that I am going to have to invest in compression socks!
Baby Miller is a girl named Dylan. I am not sure if I have mentioned that before. She is really starting to move around (that I can feel now) and sometimes (2 times) I have felt her move high up in my abdomen. She had previously been felt only in the lower section that stays pretty well hidden (I am a "fat" pregnant lady). Her mom gets even more excited by the day which is sometimes hard to believe that she can get any more excited : )
Our third visit to the perinatologist was great. She passed her cardiology study with flying colors and we were reassured about the chorioangioma (only 1" x 1") and fluid levels which were just the right level. We will have one more appointment in March to check both again and make sure she is still growing at the same rate (2 ounces over the norm). She should be a pound now.
Well, back to the elevation of ankles and crochet (a mermaid for Lily)....

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