Wednesday, October 17, 2012

and here we go again...

So, I am in school again.  Pharmacy tech this time.  I really enjoy going to school and learning new things.  This is not too terribly much of a challenge but much less expensive than working on a Masters Degree or PhD!  I have my teaching license but was turned down by the school district after I was one month out after losing my 8year old job!  Maybe I should have taken the Charter Schools more seriously.....oh well, I chose a different road and here I am. 
I have gone from medical to technical support for cell phones.  Don't see the similarities?  There really aren't any.  Pharmacy tech may get my foot in the door for the VA and I can only hope that things will get better from there.  I would still like to move but not terribly serious about it right meow because it takes money and a future job to make a move happen and I have neither so it will have to wait just a little bit longer.
My beautiful daughter will be turning 21 next month.  Time has gone by much too fast.  She still lives at home and I really don't mind it.  She pays a little rent and it is in a decent neighborhood for the moment.  Her girlfriend and their dog live with me and the kitties too.  It makes for a crowded apartment but it is something.
I am in therapy again too.  Really like the therapist at the VA.  She is pretty awesome and is helping me deal with myself pretty effectively.
Well, off for now and 2 classes left for the night.
Just say no to bedbugs :)....

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