Saturday, September 24, 2011

9-24-11 Mean People

I have been a surrogate twice if you haven't heard. Both times the families have made me feel like I have done something terribly wrong. A shame really. It is awful for someone to use another for some sort of gain. I am not stupid. I have feelings. I really detest liars and hypocrites! Don't tell me you are my friend and then not contact me for weeks. Don't say I can see the baby whenever I want to if you don't mean it. Not that I am particularly upset about the baby, I miss having the care and concern of my "friends". I have had a baby so I know how busy, or rather not, that it is. I did it by myself, my daughter had only me and occaisionally "gramma". I always had time to see my friends. I made time for the people who are special to me. The message though has been received loud and clear! I had a baby for you and I don't matter now that she is born. Count yourself lucky that you have a baby at all now because Karma is not a force you should try to reckon with! Just sayin'....

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